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address: 18725 Bates Avenue, Eustis, FL 32736
phone: 352-357-6220

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Eustis Middle School Mustang Band Member took first place in The 2014 Florida Bandmasters Association ALL-STATE MIDDLE SCHOOL Competition.

Julia Sills is an eighth grade band student at Eustis Middle School.  She takes her music seriously, but has also has serious fun.  She enjoys being both first chair flute in the concert band and lead alto saxophone in the jazz band at Eustis Middle School.  Julia’s band director, Gerald Ricke, further honored Julia by nominating her for the Florida Music Educators’ Association (FMEA) Middle School Honors Band.  This band consisted of over 120 talented hardworking middle school band students from across Florida and rehearsed and performed in Tampa in early January. 

Not only was Julia selected for the FMEA Middle School Honors Band, she did so well in her audition that she was placed as first chair flute and soloist which was an excellent thrill for this 13 year old musician.  In addition to the FMEA Middle School Honor Band, she also was first chair flute in the Florida Bandmaster’s Association (FBA) District 19 Honor Band which consisted of 70 middle school band students from Marion, Lake, and Sumter Counties.  To round out her flute opportunities for the school year, Julia also had the privilege of performing at the Florida Flute Convention with the Florida Flute Association Junior Honor choir where she was featured as a soloist.  Not to let her saxophone skills grow cold she recently was appointed as lead alto saxophone in the FBA District 19 Honor Jazz Band which will perform in early April.

Julia is obviously a busy music student.  All of these opportunities are possible for her because of the top notch band program provided by Gerry Ricke at Eustis Middle School.   Music programs are vitally important to our community.    If you  would like more information on the FMEA All State Competition. The Mustang Band Program, or how to become a sponsor please contact the Eustis Mustang Music Association President Cherrice or please visit

This photo shows Julia Sills on the left working with her Music Mentor.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One of our local sponsors have offered an awesome opportunity for The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band to raise extra funds during this tax time.

One of our local sponsors have offered an awesome opportunity for The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band to raise extra funds during this tax time. So if you or your small business is the need of tax preparation please read further!

Jonni Hanegan, (she owns WiseTax here in Eustis Square) has a 10% contribution of all tax preparation fees during tax season for those customers mentioning Eustis Middle School Marching Band.  

Likewise, the firm of Allan Boress CPA (offices here in Eustis and in Orlando-Maitland) will contribute 10% of our fees on the CPA side for clients coming from the Eustis Middle School Marching Band.   

This way they can give back to the community and help fund the band. The contribution can be substantial: e.g. a $250 tax return = $25 for the band.  

They will not be charging any different fees to those people from Eustis Middle School Marching Band if they choose to use us.  It will strictly come out of their proceeds and will not change client fees at all.  

This is the same sponsor who donated all his time and fees for the Eustis Mustang Band and Music Association to become a non-profit organization. We met him last year and remain in much gratitude to him. His help was definitely needed and there is no way we can say thank you to him enough!

If you would like more information on this opportunity or the band program please contact The Eustis Mustang Music Association President at

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band has a great opportunity presented by High Five Yogurt in Mount Dora

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band has a great opportunity presented by High Five Yogurt in Mount Dora located at 18897 on to Publix 352-383-9187. Please feel free to bring an early Valentine to this chilling event on February 13, 2013! It is an easy way for the band to earn any part of the $25,000 dollar per year budget. This is a creative way for your family to contribute! Any shares would be greatly appreciated. You can share by forwarding the email. Or asking a friend or family member to join Facebook Event Please mention you are supporting the band and for all of you with smart phones and emails this document can easily be shown and shared. We can work together. And remember every dollar counts!
If you have questions regarding this event or the band program please contact Cherrice Purvee, The Eustis Mustang Music Association President at

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The first artist working on Music Is Art For The Soul. A Silent Auction at the 4th Annual Jazz Revue in March

Yesterday we went in to start the project Music Is Art For The Soul.

First who painted was 6th grader begging band member Ja'Shawn. He plays clarinet and would like to continue the band program in order to learn other instruments.


Ja' Shawn's Finished Piece called The Crazy Painter
Next in the Jazz Band Class Seanna an Alto Saxophone player and 
Wyatt a Trombone player started their paintings. Already coming in 
with wonderful concept ideas each student 
will need more than one day to create their masterpiece... 

Seanna and Wyatt working on texture and blending.

One complete piece that is made of Splatter Art
and two pieces that will be worked on next week.

And at the end of the day we had one completed piece 
and two works in process.
If your band student would like to paint a portrait for our 
silent auction fundraiser all you have to do is email me at 
eustismustangmusicassociation@gmail or email Mr. Ricke.

The Eustis Mustang Music Association is raising all the funds that
is required to pull off this event 
so there is no costs for your family to worry about. 
We feel our band students are already using the part of the
brain while making music that is used for all artistic abilities. 
Even if your student has never stood in front of a canvas before. 
Their brains are awaken once they hold a paint brush. 

If you are a member of our community and would
like to be a part of this incredible 
event contact us for Jazz Revue Tickets. 
The night is full of Art, Music and food!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spirit Night Every Other Monday Starting in February..... Please share. Anyone can go in and eat and proceeds go to the band!

You are invited to the Eustis Middle School Mustang Spirit Night. These nights are on the second and fourth Monday’s of each month from February to May.

Spirit Night is a fundraiser given to The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band by Black Bear Smokehouse at 18750 Us Highway 441, Mt Dora, FL. (352) 383-2327. Black Bear Smokehouse is known for giving back to their community.

Anyone who eats or drinks at Black Bear Smokehouse between 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on these days will participate in this giving back to the community event. 10 percent of every dollar made during these times will be given to The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band.

With local sponsorship getting harder and harder to find this Spirit Night will help the band program. The band program receives only 6 percent of their needed funds per year. The Eustis Mustang Music Association must raise the rest of the near $25,000 budget. Please come on out enjoy a great meal and give back to the community, helping these 6th to 8th grade students. There are approximately 160 students in the band and that includes 30 Jazz Band Members, 30 Steel Drum Band Members, 3 Concert Bands and a Marching Band. The band is invited to join many festivals, local events and contests. With many of these having entry and transportation fees. The band also has a scholarship program for anyone who can not afford to join.

If you have any questions regarding this event or the Eustis Mustang Band Program please contact The Eustis Mustang Music Association President Cherrice Purvee at

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Friday, January 17, 2014

4th Annual Eustis Jazz Revue

On March 21, 2013, the Eustis Band Program will be having it’s 4th Annual Jazz Revue. A night with a three course meal, served with an evening of the Arts. It will feature live Jazz performances by the Eustis High Panther and Eustis Middle Mustang Jazz Ensembles, student soloists and a special guest artist.
The event is held at the First Baptist Church of Eustis, at 3551 E Orange Ave in Eustis. This event attracts many business leaders, as well as community leaders because 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the Eustis Band Program and provides music, equipment and instruments for children in 6th thru 12th grade.
This fundraiser is a great way to get close and personal with the current and future leaders of our community. 

Each year the Eustis Jazz Revue invites a renowned clinician to join the ensembles. The benefit of having a clinician is the time spent with each band, working directly with the students, and sharing the things that they have learned over their years of experience. Having this as part of the event helps the students with confidence and teaches them to work as a group and with new musicians. This year we are proud to have Scott Wilson. 

Scott Wilson is a Gerhard Baier Trumpet Artist, founder of the on-line Jazz
Education Store and Assistant Professor in Jazz at the University of Florida. Wilson has diverse international performance credits and has served as Musical Director for Universal Studios Japan, consultant for Limelite Productions in Singapore, staff composer for Grand Link World in Qingdao, China, consultant for Walt Disney’s “Magic Music Days” jazz workshops and has been a featured jazz trumpet soloist for Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studios Japan. Wilson served as an Artistic Director for The Music School in Utah (Downbeat winners in 2006 & 2007). He now serves as Artistic Director for LakeShore Producers, consultant for Foxy Cat Web Designs, and serves as jazz theory consultant for the Jazz Education Network.

To see a portion of last year’s Jazz Revue with Chuck Archard as clinician, go to and watch one of our proud parents video post. The groovy sound will make you dance all night long (just like the EHS director’s daughter in the video).

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Support Music Education And There Is Only The Moon For These Kids


The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band averages about 150 total students. Our students are positive role models in the school and in the community, and we are working to develop a program called The Mustangs Caring for School Community (MCSC). The program is designed to create a caring school environment characterized by kind and supportive relationships and collaboration among students from the Mustang Band, staff, and parents. The MCSC model is consistent with research-based practices for increasing student achievement as well as the theoretical and empirical literature supporting the benefits of a caring classroom community in meeting students' needs for emotional and physical safety, supportive relationships, autonomy, and sense of competence.

By creating a caring school community, our program seeks to promote pro-social values, increase academic motivation and achievement, and prevent drug use, violence, and delinquency. MCSC has seven components designed to be implemented over the course of the school year:
Please take a look at our program here. The Mustang Caring For School And Community Program (MCSC). Sponsorship is recognized with logo printing in both middle school and high school programs as well as possible website links.
Thank you very much,
Cherrice Purvee Eustis Mustang Music Association President

If your family or small business is interested in supporting the band 
please see the sponsorship form below.

Currently, in order to participate in the band program, students are required to purchase or rent an instrument, buy a uniform, provide entry fees for competitions and absorb the transportation cost for these trips. 
 Most of the funds have to be provided by the parents.

Our goal through community support is to help offset some of these expenses and to provide those students with the greatest financial needs the opportunity to be able to participate in our school’s music program through scholarships. Boys and girls who are active in the arts, especially in a music program, are shown to maintain higher GPA’s, are more likely to complete a higher level of education and in turn give back to their community.

Donating to the Eustis Mustang Band Program 
is an investment in our future!

Please become an EMS Music Education Partner today.

Blue level and above donations will be recognized in BOTH the Eustis Middle School and Eustis High School Band literature throughout the coming school year.

This equals twice the exposure for your business!

Thank you, we appreciate your consideration and support.

Cherrice Purvee, Eustis Mustang Music Association President,

Under the direction of Mr. Gerald Ricke, EMS Band Instructor,

Make checks payable to Educational Foundation Of Lake County 

Non-profit Number 59-2764174 
Adding Eustis Mustang Band in the Memo Section. 
And include your business card.
Mail to: Eustis Middle School Band 
Att: Mr. Ricke 18725 Bates Ave. Eustis, FL. 32736 Phone 352-357-6220

 All donations will receive an honorable mention on our band blog

$10.00____ $25.00____ $50.00____ $100.00____ $250.00____ $500.00____ $1000.00____

Partnership will be recognized in the following way:

Level         Amount                                                    Recognition
Blue         $100.00           Name recognition in all High School and Middle School Programs
Gold         $250.00           Business card ad in all High School and Middle School Programs
Mustang     $500.00         Gold level plus a link to website on EMS Mustang Band Webpage
Director     $1000.00        Mustang level plus your business/name on the EMS Mustang Band Trailer

If you are interested in sponsoring our music education program please click here for a printable form.