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Friday, November 29, 2013

How are The Eustis Middle School Mustangs Giving Back To There Community This Holiday Season?

     This is Seanna Pickens and she responded for Community Service during November. Seanna spent her time at Deliver the Difference located on Kurt Street.

Deliver The Difference provided Thanksgiving meals for over 1,000 of our residents.  

     Right now there are over 2500 homeless children right here in Lake County. There are thousands of families in this area who will not experience the joy and comfort of a holiday meal. Sure, they're grateful for the things that really matter, as we all are, like health and close friends and family. But we all know what it can mean to be able to sit down together and share a meal and fellowship with those we love.

     The entire month of December The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band is having there own food can drive. Collecting any non-perishables. Especially canned fruit and vegetables. Decembers food drive will all be donated to Hearts and Hands who's mission is to provide food to eligible families, the first and third Friday of every month at various locations. They are located at 231 N. Grove Street. Eustis FL 32727, 352-589-4011. After Thanksgiving the shelves are pretty empty and it takes a good amount of time and donations to fill these shelves up. That is why our 160 students are opening their hearts and hands for this food drive. They will even have a food bin at their community Yardsale Fundraiser Benefit located at The First Baptist Church of Eustis on Saturday December 7, 2013 for any donations the public would like to make.

     Children of the band will be responsible for coordination, organization and delivery of these items. Proving that the band program has some of the best role models who are willing to give their time not just to practicing their music and school work but also giving themselves to the community they live in. 

      If you have any questions or comments regarding this community action or our band program please contact Cherrice Purvee Eustis Mustang Music Association President at Or Mr. Ricke our director

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mustangs!

We are thankful for our students and the fact they 
try so hard each and everyday.
We are thankful to our parents who volunteer for us.
We are thankful to have one of the best Directors any band could ask for.
We are thankful for all our sponsors who help us reach our huge goals.
We are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eustis Middle School Mustang Band Community Sale

The Eustis Mustangs have expanded their band to 160 Students!
This includes 30 Steel Drum Members
30 Jazz Ensemble Students
The Thundering Herd Marching Band
And 3 Concert Bands!
This has caused the Mustangs to need a larger Band Trailer! The trailer is used for all parades, contests, festivals and community events the band participates in throughout the year. It also helps the band to raise money for their annual budget by selling ad space to local businesses. Please come out and help us raise monies needed for the purchase of this hardly used trailer that is 20 feet larger than our current trailer! More than enough space to keep expanding!

All Items are donated by the band students and their families. So come on all you Pickers! You are going to find some awesome finds while helping an awesome group of children who raise all but 6 percent of their budget by these types of fundraisers. All Items that are not sold are being donated to local non-profit organizations that help our community on a regular basis. For More information Please contact Cherrice Purvee



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mustangs give to the BPA Audience. During a drawing a winner won $75.00!

The Mustang Music Association was honored with an invitation to raise funds during the Truck and Tractor Pulls last weekend.

The Mustang students came out and showed the community how responsible they are.
The event had mostly rained out and yet during the meet and greet of the community the children were able to raise $150 dollars and they gave 50 percent to a winner.

The winner was a female and jumped up and down. The economy effects us all. This winner was so grateful that she could fill her kitchen cabinets just as much as we were grateful to add more funds to our huge budget.

We appreciate everyone for coming out to this wet but loud and fun event! We hope to be invited back next year! Thank you BPA for the invitation.

Thank you to the parent volunteers
Sheri Lord
Carrol Stacks
Mary Balmer
Steve Tucker

 Kaitlynn Balmer and Olivia Tucker Counting the earned funds. Separating the drawing money for the winner.
These students learn more than instrument skills when
they are a member of The Mustangs!

The drawing was held in the middle of the truck pull track. 

How the Eustis Middle School Mustangs are giving back? Seanna Pickens shows us an easy and important way to give back right here in our community!

Deliver the Difference is located on Kurt Street.
Seanna responded to for this Community Service. She asks "What if during this Thanksgiving, people gave thanks for YOU?"
Right now there are over 2500 homeless children right here in Lake County. There are thousands of families in this area who will not experience the joy and comfort of a thanksgiving meal. Sure, they're grateful for the things that really matter, as we all are; like health and close friends and family, but we all know what it can mean to be able to sit down together and share a meal and fellowship with those we love. This is where you can help.

This Thanksgiving, Deliver the Difference wants to provide a full thanksgiving meal to at least 1,000 local families.

Deliver the Difference will provide boxes full of food, and the pre-qualified folks who receive them will be able to prepare them at home. Here's what each family will be receiving:

- 11-14 pound turkey
- Stuffing
- Mashed potatoes
- Gravy
- Green beans
- Corn
- Yams
- Cranberry sauce
- Bread rolls
- Pumpkin pie

Deliver the Difference  will pass out all 1,000 meals (Minimum! There is a need for up to 3,000 and Deliver the Difference packed as many boxes as they could) on November 18th.

Deliver the Difference will have 3 separate pick up locations and we will get the word to you once Deliver the Difference have those confirmed. The folks receiving these turkey dinners are all folks who are pre-qualified by the schools, churches and food pantries that we work with.

Bob who runs Deliver the Difference says "It will be a lot of work, but with your help, I know we can do it!"

Thank you Seanna for making the Mustangs Proud!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Congratulations to The Eustis High School Panthers. They Finished their Marching Band Season with straight superiors!

Congratulations to The Eustis High School Panthers. 
They Finished their Marching Band Season with straight superiors. 
Now that is something to celebrate! 
From The Eustis Middle School Mustangs

Friday, November 8, 2013

An Amazing Fundraising Opportunity with SCENTSY!! Remeber Christmas is coming...!

Hi!  My name is Stacey Livingston and I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant and also the parent of an EMS BAND Member.  It is my pleasure to offer your organization an extremely successful and universally appealing fundraising item – CANDLES!  But not just any old candle – Wickless, Flameless and Soot-Free Candles!  Scentsy products are simple, beautiful and a SAFE alternative to candles.  Scentsy creates beautiful hand-made pieces of pottery (warmers) that use a low-watt light bulb to warm the wax, providing the wonderful fragrance of candle with NO WORRIES!  Regular candles are banned from classrooms, dormitories, offices and public buildings. Where a candle cannot go, Scentsy can! Scentsy products are SAFE for children and pets!  The Scentsy Wickless Candle is a great product that is a cut above the rest and our authentic Scentsy Candle Bar (wax) comes in many colors and 80 different scents!
Holding a fundraiser is a very easy, cost-effective way to raise money for your organization. Fundraisers also provide a great team environment for all involved. Everyone can participate in raising funds and work together to help the organization grow and be successful.
In an attempt to help EMS BAND, I am willing to donate 100% of my commission for the sales we get for the Fundraiser.  While ordering and helping the EMS BAND, you will get a safe and wonderful product that will make your home, office, or classroom smell AMAZING!!!!
Just a few of the many benefits of our wickless candles:

  •  Safety ~ since there is no open flame you don’t have to worry about starting a house fire or             breathing in soot or wax (only the fragrance is released into the environment).
  • Safe temperature ~ The wax warms to just above body temperature.  You can safely touch the   warm wax and NOT get burned (just ask my 2-year old son who loves to play in it!). 
  •   Healthy ~ No added calories here!
  •  Affordability ~ Our Scentsy bars are just $5 each, you can afford to have a variety of scents.      Warmers range from $20.00- $35.00
  •  Variety ~ with over 80 scents to choose from, you are sure to find several you love! A wide       variety of Scentsy warmer styles and sizes allows you to find the perfect warmer for you!
  •     Great gifts ~ Scentsy makes a great gift for birthdays, house-warming gifts, weddings, baby      shower, Christmas…any occasion!

I look forward to talking with you to work together to make your fundraiser successful! 
Stacey Livingston – Independent Scentsy Consultant * 352-267-3729 *

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Eustis Mustang Music Association will be at The Lake County Fair Grounds during the BPA Truck and Tractor Pull! Please Share!

The BPA has invited The Eustis Mustang Music Association to this event. It gives The Mustang Band a chance to interact and educate the community about our band program. We will be there the entire time please stop by the under the large white tent! The EMMA will have literature on our Mustang Caring For School And Community Program. The BPA is going to have a 50/50 drawing to help us raise money and we are going to give away a pair of Jazz Review Tickets. The Jazz Review is an annual fundraiser where the high school and middle school Jazz Bands provides a wonderful evening of Jazz while you are served a three course meal. It is pretty cool! This event is held in March and is one of our largest fundraisers if the year. And being a part of this Truck & Tractor Pull is pretty COOL too! Come support the band while hearing and watching the engines roar! I can not wait! 

Thank you BPA for this opportunity!
Please come share in the experience!