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Friday, November 8, 2013

An Amazing Fundraising Opportunity with SCENTSY!! Remeber Christmas is coming...!

Hi!  My name is Stacey Livingston and I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant and also the parent of an EMS BAND Member.  It is my pleasure to offer your organization an extremely successful and universally appealing fundraising item – CANDLES!  But not just any old candle – Wickless, Flameless and Soot-Free Candles!  Scentsy products are simple, beautiful and a SAFE alternative to candles.  Scentsy creates beautiful hand-made pieces of pottery (warmers) that use a low-watt light bulb to warm the wax, providing the wonderful fragrance of candle with NO WORRIES!  Regular candles are banned from classrooms, dormitories, offices and public buildings. Where a candle cannot go, Scentsy can! Scentsy products are SAFE for children and pets!  The Scentsy Wickless Candle is a great product that is a cut above the rest and our authentic Scentsy Candle Bar (wax) comes in many colors and 80 different scents!
Holding a fundraiser is a very easy, cost-effective way to raise money for your organization. Fundraisers also provide a great team environment for all involved. Everyone can participate in raising funds and work together to help the organization grow and be successful.
In an attempt to help EMS BAND, I am willing to donate 100% of my commission for the sales we get for the Fundraiser.  While ordering and helping the EMS BAND, you will get a safe and wonderful product that will make your home, office, or classroom smell AMAZING!!!!
Just a few of the many benefits of our wickless candles:

  •  Safety ~ since there is no open flame you don’t have to worry about starting a house fire or             breathing in soot or wax (only the fragrance is released into the environment).
  • Safe temperature ~ The wax warms to just above body temperature.  You can safely touch the   warm wax and NOT get burned (just ask my 2-year old son who loves to play in it!). 
  •   Healthy ~ No added calories here!
  •  Affordability ~ Our Scentsy bars are just $5 each, you can afford to have a variety of scents.      Warmers range from $20.00- $35.00
  •  Variety ~ with over 80 scents to choose from, you are sure to find several you love! A wide       variety of Scentsy warmer styles and sizes allows you to find the perfect warmer for you!
  •     Great gifts ~ Scentsy makes a great gift for birthdays, house-warming gifts, weddings, baby      shower, Christmas…any occasion!

I look forward to talking with you to work together to make your fundraiser successful! 
Stacey Livingston – Independent Scentsy Consultant * 352-267-3729 *

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