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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mustangs give to the BPA Audience. During a drawing a winner won $75.00!

The Mustang Music Association was honored with an invitation to raise funds during the Truck and Tractor Pulls last weekend.

The Mustang students came out and showed the community how responsible they are.
The event had mostly rained out and yet during the meet and greet of the community the children were able to raise $150 dollars and they gave 50 percent to a winner.

The winner was a female and jumped up and down. The economy effects us all. This winner was so grateful that she could fill her kitchen cabinets just as much as we were grateful to add more funds to our huge budget.

We appreciate everyone for coming out to this wet but loud and fun event! We hope to be invited back next year! Thank you BPA for the invitation.

Thank you to the parent volunteers
Sheri Lord
Carrol Stacks
Mary Balmer
Steve Tucker

 Kaitlynn Balmer and Olivia Tucker Counting the earned funds. Separating the drawing money for the winner.
These students learn more than instrument skills when
they are a member of The Mustangs!

The drawing was held in the middle of the truck pull track. 

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