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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sol De Mexico in Eustis is sponsoring us again this year!

One of our best sponsors has one it again! 
The local support is so appreciated!
Melina is the owner and she believes in 
children's music education as much as we do!

You can not sponsor the world. But you can sponsor this small group of children and they all grow up to sponsor the world. And the more children we get into our band program the less there is for a need.
Research proves time and time again that children in a long term music education program are 80 percent more likely to go off and get a higher education degree. Bringing it back to their community. And bringing in revenue to our city. Eustis is a wonderful place to grow up. 
However we could use some more cash flow in our 
small businesses and we can use less poverty as many cities.

Music Education for children is the answer!

Thank you Sol De Mexico!

You have taken a large bite out of our huge budget!


If you are interested in sponsoring our music education program please click here for a printable form.

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