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Saturday, December 21, 2013

How did The Eustis Mustang Food Drive Go?

The Mustang December Food Drive went very well.

Thank you Band Families for all the donations!

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band wanted to do a food drive. They decided to do a food at Winter Break and Spring Break. Giving to Hearts and Hands was a wonderful idea that The Eustis Mustang Music Associations Community Chairperson, Carol Stacks suggested during one of the Mustang Music Association's monthly meetings. 

Hearts and Hands is located at 231 N Grove St, Eustis, FL.

This organization helps feed 2300 people every two weeks with food distributions located all through Lake County. 

They are all volunteers that work hard each week ensuring people who are having a rough time making it eat healthy. They get food donations from Winn Dixie and Publix. Also some government subsidized help. But they depend on the many donations they receive in the year. And when the donations are light, as they have been this year this organization purchases the needed food. At about 5 grand per month. During the visit Hearts and Hands explained to The Mustang Band that the variety store next door is responsible for paying for this bill as it pays also the rent and utilities. The Mustangs also learned that Hearts and Hands depends on their community. They help many in the community but if it were not for volunteers than there would be no Hearts and Hands. And 4,600 people would have to worry about were their next meal would come from. These meals are given to families, just ordinary people who are struggling with the grocery store prices. Some of The Mustangs got to meet many of the volunteers that help Hearts and Hands. If you would like to give your time to a great casue please contact Diane Popieski at 352-589-4011. 

Food Donation Delivery 1 of 2 trucks.
Hearts and Hands explained that they even pick up items once or sometimes twice n a week to keep their variety store full of new merchandise. And every time and item is sold it goes right to the brown bags that feed the mouths of those who can not. So if you have large furniture that you would like to donate to a great cause this is an easy way to do it. Just give them a call and they will schedule a pickup. Or if you clean out your closet just drop them off to their location. Every dollar counts. 

Hearts and Hands allowed the children to volunteer and they made 45 brown bags for families in a nearby town. This took about ten minutes due to the team work and organization that Hearts and Hands have gained through experience. Started in 2003 as a small church food drive turned into a food bank that feeds thousands. The Mustangs were told that they were all welcomed back and Diane Popieski explained it is a great way to earn community service hours for college. But for today The Eustis Mustang Band helped for the Heart. It is the season to give. And The Mustangs did! Thank you to The Broker Family, The Stacks Family and Kenneth Purvee for all the hard work of loading and unloading. We will announce a pound count as soon as we get it!


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