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Thursday, March 27, 2014

VIP Information For April......

As I put together my notes for our monthly meeting that is on April 14, 2014 I had noticed there were a few things that even slipped my mind. So I am writing to everyone to make sure they are aware of these things by going to the 11th edition of our calender. 

With that said we are starting our Spring Food Drive. Starting April 1st ending on the last month.

Our Fall Food Drive raised almost 1,000 pounds and was recognized by the Lake County School Board for the community support the band gave. Do you think we can beat the last food drive? I DO! 

I know it is hard to feed our own families, however last time we helped feed an entire cities needy families for two weeks. So I plan to donate each time I go to the grocery store. The winning class will be rewarded with an ice cream party! This is not to bribe them. It is to remind them. And also help them realize that the hard work they put into the food drive is a way to give back.

Last Fall we donated to Hearts and Hands and they invited us into their warehouse where the students helped bag up food for an entire city. This took not even fifteen minutes. This Spring fundraiser will be the same. So please we would like to see more students participate in that part. It helps for them to be educated about the needs in their own community because we all know these kids are the best role-models of or schools and after college we would like them to come back and help our community grow.

I hope everyone is having a fun Spring Break and thank you to all those who support this project. I must say they say the best thing to donate is canned fruit and veggies and since the class with the most weight wins the party can goods are a great way to help your child out. So when he or she says mom I need five cans a week for the next four weeks..... you will know why!

Thank you to all the band members who painted to help raise funds, I would like the families to be proud that your students helped the band raise over $1500.00. That is split with the High School Band however many of us have students in both anyways!

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