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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Eustis Mustang Music Association is invited by United We Praise

Last month we applied for a grant. 
It was a Facebook shared process.
Thanks to our band family and friends we all liked and shared our initial application enough to get us an invitation to their community board meeting. They will be hearing from a number of groups in our community. We all know how much each one of us could use the support. But our improvements to our MCSC program really would come faster and easier with any extra funds. So here is to starting the year off right next year!

Our Facebook request to United Praise can be found at
Please find information about our MCSC Program 
right here on this blog.

And for more information on United We Praise here is their Facebook Page

If you have any suggestions please feel fee to 
post a comment or email 
Cherrice Purvee EMMA President

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