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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

United In Praise Granted Us! Please Share!

Thank you to our entire 

Eustis Mustang Band family!

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It was in the middle of the year that I got up and with my hands waving in the air and in my normal hyper behavior I mentioned we needed to have a definite community outreach program.

But WHAT and HOW do we do it.

I remember parents making so many suggestions that it was hard to digest.
It is clear in my mind that Mr. Garcia, Anna's husband suggested a group camp. He said that if we were to do a concert at this venue we could inspire over 100 children that are at this camp because they are all underprivileged.

That was in the infancy of the Mustang Caring for School and Community Program.
The program matured as months went by and we made suggestions at every meeting.
Than it grew up into a program that will benefit our community for years to come!
Thanks to us ALL coming together and letting our voices be heard!
A child benefits a great deal when they are in a long term music program!
Please find information about our MCSC Program at this link

United In Praise 

On 6-3-2013 a few of our band family members met at The First Baptist Church to meet with United In Praise Board Members.

The presentation went so well. 

  1. We had a beginning presentation with short introduction.
  2. David DiMassino first explained how the program that Mr. Ricke has worked hard develop benefited his daughters. Mr. DiMassino has a current 7th grade student and a former student who is a senior at the high school. Than he gave the statistical facts about our county, the school population, and the hard facts about students that do not participate in a music program. These statistics will be available in another blog during our corporation grant process this summer so please look for that.
  3. Than Teri Ern gave an inspiring story about her daughter who is a current 7th grade student and how on bad days she can play music and it makes her feel better. Afterwards Mrs. Ern listed the reasons that a long term music education program can effect young children and their learning.
  4. Kenneth Purvee followed with the reason integrating arts into school is so important. He told the board that he and other children often think band is a period in school that is fun, talking and an easy "A" in school. BUT by the second or third day they do not come to class with anything on their mind other than music. He also stated that music education makes him a better student and he knows it opens doors to college later.
  5. Darian DiMassino came up after and using her wonderful stage presence helped make the point that children that go through the program have the skills to be more mature and ready to do what it takes in school than others in her piers. She also mentioned that she has the same friends she met in the first days of the 6th grade.
  6. Once Darian was finished I explained the four components of our program. In each component is a separate cause however they all wrap around the band getting more children in our band. And that means especially the children who can not afford an instrument.
  7. A question section followed and during that we were taught some ideas. There is always a place to learn. I will write a new blog page explaining some of the ideas we can do as a band family.
It was not only speakers who took part of this. Lauren DiMassino and Marcus Nix were both there to show the different sections of our band.
We had Association Members, Parents, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Steel Drum and Jazz Band students representing us! 


Please find information on the United In Praise here at this link. It is something that everyone should read. Because you might just find yourself interested in joining!

United In Praise
We did learn of some other community programs that are in the need of help. Many local food pantries. So in the year 2013-2014 the Eustis Mustang Music Association will organize a food drive twice per year. Probably before spring break and before Christmas break. But this is something we will vote on this August 12th at our first meeting!

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