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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We are looking for Local Sponsors

Support Music Education And There Is Only The Moon For These Kids


We are trying to fund our local scholorship program that The Mustang Music Association calls The MSP 

(Mustang Scholarship Program).

This program funds the following 
  1. Any Needed Shirts or Uniforms
  2. Any Needed Books
  3. Instrumental loans
  4. Instrument Repair Fund
  5. Universal Parade Bus and Ticket
  6. Summer Band Camp Program
Our goal if to raise $5,000 during this 2013-2014 school year to fund this program. This program has been implemented in our Mustang Family for a long time now. BUT The Mustang Music Association is doing more and more to make sure funding is there when needed.

If your family or small business is interested in supporting the band please see the sponsorship form below.

Currently, in order to participate in the band program, students are required to purchase or rent an instrument, buy a uniform, provide entry fees for competitions and absorb the transportation cost for these trips. 
 Most of the funds have to be provided by the parents.

Our goal through community support is to help offset some of these expenses and to provide those students with the greatest financial needs the opportunity to be able to participate in our school’s music program through scholarships. Boys and girls who are active in the arts, especially in a music program, are shown to maintain higher GPA’s, are more likely to complete a higher level of education and in turn give back to their community.

Donating to the Eustis Mustang Band Program 
is an investment in our future!

Please become an EMS Music Education Partner today.

Blue level and above donations will be recognized in BOTH the Eustis Middle School and Eustis High School Band literature throughout the coming school year.

This equals twice the exposure for your business!

Thank you, we appreciate your consideration and support.

Cherrice Purvee, Eustis Mustang Music Association President,

Under the direction of Mr. Gerald Ricke, EMS Band Instructor,

Make checks payable to Eustis Mustang Music Association and include your business card.
18725 Bates Ave. Eustis, FL. 32736 Phone 352-357-6220

 All donations will receive an honorable mention on our band blog

$10.00____ $25.00____ $50.00____ $100.00____ $250.00____ $500.00____ $1000.00____

Partnership will be recognized in the following way:

Level         Amount                                                    Recognition
Blue         $100.00           Name recognition in all High School and Middle School Programs
Gold         $250.00           Business card ad in all High School and Middle School Programs
Mustang     $500.00         Gold level plus a link to website on EMS Mustang Band Webpage
Director     $1000.00        Mustang level plus your business/name on the EMS Mustang Band Trailer

If you are interested in sponsoring our music education program please click here for a printable form.

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