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Friday, July 26, 2013

First Friday Street Fest

We Are Invited to the First Friday Street Fest!

The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band will have a spot at the First Friday Street Fest this coming Friday evening. Our tent will be at the end of Magnolia or Eustis Street.

It is the perfect time for the community to come meet some of our students. As well as view some of the progress we made last year.

Yes this is a fundraiser so we will have us an old fashion drawing.
For a donation you can win tickets to our Annual Jazz Review.
This is our largest Fundraiser of the year! It is an evening of great Jazz and good food.


Or enter to win FREE sponsorship for your small business. We are doing a business card drawing. For a donation you can drop your business card in the drawing bucket and win free sponsorship for the next entire school year! Come show your support this Friday!

We are raising the bar on just what our band members can achieve. We are so lucky to have some of the top role models in of our school in our program that it helped create The Mustang Caring For School And Community Program.

Raising this bar means The Mustang Music Association has to raise the funds to pay for the improvements.

Improvements that include a scholarship program for the underprivileged youth of our city and also a scholarship program for upcoming high school graduates. The MCSC Program covers everyone in our community. From a student who can not afford to pay for instruction books or an instrument to helping community programs in our area with various food and clothing drives all the way to our EMMA Award that is given to a music student who participates in the Eustis band program for the entire middle school and high school years.

With this program we feel we are helping our young youth by creating a caring environment that teaches our students to care about the community while scoring higher on test and in college degrees with the help of Mr. Gerald Ricke's strict program. By using The EMMA Award to reward a student for their dedication we are promoting what research backs up.

If a student is apart of a long term music education research proves they are 80 percent more likely to obtain a bachelors degree or higher.
Our program is important to the future of our community. And everyone that lives in it.

If you are a former or current Mustang please stop by and say Hi!

If you are available to help with this event please email us at

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