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Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Work Together!

Nobody said It would be easy!
The only question is how much of your time and energy you are willing
to give. The amount will strongly determine the 
possible end goals of the band. 
         The first step is to commit to the number of rehearsals per week. One practice hour per day is a bare minimum to make anything happen, and anything more than three is a recipe for not getting other important things done. So be sure to check it as you go along to make sure that you have not given up more of your life than you feel comfortable.
         If some people in a band are intent on “making it” while others just want to have a good time making music and having fun, you are dead in the water. The gung ho members will continuously resent the lack of commitment on the part of the casual guys, and the casuals will similarly resent the endless impinging on their lives for band duties. 
That is why The Eustis Middle School Mustang Band is a family and a team! We work together to inspire each other.

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