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Friday, February 28, 2014

We have some of our finished art pieces distributed around the community.

We have some of our finished art pieces distributed around the community.

Here is a list of places and art pieces. Perhaps you and your family would like to see these in person after the parade tomorrow. Or anytime until March 18th. Please thank these businesses for their support you can say thank you and you can also send your family and friends to see the art pieces. Sharing is Caring. And it takes a community to take care of a community. They are displaying our pieces with no cost to us. The local support is wonderful. We must let them know that we are thankful for the future. 
You may also find these on our Group Page
We will be finishing up the rest of the paintings and get them delivered next week and I will send you an update after that.
I would also like to say that Unicorn Fine Art and Prints has donated the parade flag for us to use tomorrow. This is a very generous donation and he asks for nothing. 

At Porters Art Gallery located at 120 E. Magnolia and you can find

Mr. Ricke's Director Piece "Mustang Panther Connection"
Ashton Hartmans 8th Grade Trumpet "Music Can Touch The Soul"
Dylan Rollins 8th Grade Trombone "Blue Bird"
Autumn Freehoffer. 7th grader. Clarinet. "Free Living"
Kailie Barnett. 9th grade. Clarinet. "Dance to the Music"

At One Danes Place located at 132 Magnolia Ave. you can find

Sky McDaniel. 7th Grade. Tuba. "Colors Of Music"
Carolyn Ern. Tenor Saxophone. 7th Grade. "Hakuna Matata"
Jeannette Almanza. Trumpet. 7th Grader. "I Love Music"
Ally Frankenfield 8th grader. First Trombone "Music Is The Universal Language"
Rachel Williams. Clarinet. 7th Grade. "Music Forest"
Madison Lord 8th grader. Trombone. "Set Me Free"
Seanna Pickens 7th grade. Alto Sax. "Soulfull Music"
Dustin Del Pizzo. Bari Saxophone. 8th grade. "Mystic River" 

At Universal Art Gallery located at 38 E. Magnolia Ave. you can find

Darby Martin. 6th Grade. Clarinet. "Red Splatter"
Ja' Shawn 6th grade. Clarinet. "The Crazy Painter"
Hailey Dowsey. 7th grader. Clarinet. "Flower In The Light"

Kailie Barnett. 9th grade. Clarinet. "
 Painting is Music is Beauty"

At Village Framer located at 71 E Seminole Ave. you can find

Lauren DiMassino 7th Grade.French Horn."
Galloping To The Music"
Kaitlynn Balmer. Trumpet. 7th Grader. "The Feeling of Music"
Julia Sills. Flute and Saxophone. 8th Grader. "Thundering Herd"
Megan Sullivan. 7th Grade. Clarinet. "White Bunny"
Isabella Helms. Trombone. 7th Grade. "Musical Vortex"
Auriona Rojas. 7th Grader. Saxophone. "Splat"

At one of our sponsors Sol De Mexico located at 125 N Bay can find

Caleb Cutshaw. 7th grader. Clarinet. "Flowers"
Kenneth Purvee 8th Grade "Blended Colors"

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